Piwik newsletter #13


Piwik 2.3.0 release, Training in Berlin, Join the Piwik team and community at the Meetup in Munich. Piwik is hiring a software developer! On June 5th, Reset The Net against mass surveillance.

Piwik Newsletter #9


New 1.10.1 security release, Segment Editor funding, new Page Overlay feature (and more). We have migrated to GitHub!

Piwik Newsletter #5


Piwik 1.8 released with powerful new features! We have just released Piwik 1.8 after 3 months of coding, testing, and serious brainstorming!

Piwik Newsletter #1


Piwik user interface new design: Give your feedback! Over the last 2 years, the Piwik User Interface has not changed much in terms of design. We are now excited to announce that the time has come to give Piwik a makeover – a new and improved look and feel.

Piwik newsletter #12


Design improvements, security fixes, and Event Tracking. What is the future of Piwik? and if you're near Berlin, check out the Official Piwik Training Event – Berlin 2014.

Piwik Newsletter #8


Happy Holidays From Your Piwik Team! New website design; Crowdfunding Piwik 2.0; Piwik Web Analytics Essentials: The Book, and Video Learning from Piwik!

Piwik Newsletter #4


Piwik 1.3 released! Support for custom Date Range, the Tracking API (to track data in Piwik from anywhere, in any language) has also been greatly improved.

Piwik Newsletter #11


We've just released Piwik 2.0, a major new release that transforms Piwik from an analytics webapp into an analytics platform.

Piwik Newsletter #7


Piwik 1.9 Release: Major New Features! Piwik 1.9.1 is the debut of three MAJOR new features: Page Transitions, Site Search Analytics, and Easy Geo Location all available for new and updated Piwik servers.

Piwik Newsletter #3


Piwik 1.2: new features, better performance Piwik 1.2 has been released last week with very useful new features! You can now track Custom Variables for your visitors.

Piwik Newsletter #10


New Major 1.11 Release! New Visitor Maps and Real Time Maps are now live! Piwik is now officially Flash free and uses only open standards and libraries.

Piwik Newsletter #6


Piwik User Survey: Your Opinion Matters! We are proud to have Piwik running on over 300,000 websites, but we are still working hard to make Piwik even more awesome.

Piwik Newsletter #2


Piwik 1.1: critical security release In the past month we worked with SektionEins, a leading software security company based in Germany, to undertake a professional security review of the Piwik source code.

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