Get to know more about your users and their behaviour on your website – where they came from (referrers), which pages are most popular, how often they visit and which marketing campaigns have been successful.

Whether you are an individual blogger, a small business, or a large corporation, Piwik helps you gain valuable insights to help your business or readership grow.

Piwik will always respect your and your users’ privacy, while giving you full control of your data.

“I’ve used many other Analytics solutions, but Piwik is by far the leader when it comes to owning your own data and protecting privacy. The granular controls and plugins make it unlike any other analytics platform. You are in full control the way you should be.”

Piwik Mobile App

Need your analytics on the go? Keep your finger on the pulse of your website and see your visits from anywhere. You can even use Piwik Mobile in work meetings to support your ideas with real data.
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Piwik PRO Solutions

In the digital world we now live in, relevant and reliable insights are essential to drive business growth. Take your Piwik to the next level and check what Piwik PRO can offer you and your business.

What we provide:

  • Cloud

  • Enterprise

  • Professional Services

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Any questions?

If you’d like further information or if you have any questions regarding Piwik, check out our extensive user documentation:

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Big and small companies all over the world have already liberated their web analytics with Piwik.