Second beta of Piwik Mobile 2 for Android

The next beta of Piwik Mobile 2 for Android is now available. Start using it instead of Piwik Mobile 1 and send us any feedback. We can improve Piwik Mobile much better with your help! Download Piwik Mobile 2 Beta … Read More

Piwik at Free and Open Source Software Conference

Last weekend Fabian and Thomas from the Piwik team have represented Piwik at the 8th FrOSCon in St. Augustin (Germany, near Cologne). At our booth we handed out Piwik brochures, our new awesome Stickers, and of course sweets. Many Piwik … Read More

First beta of Piwik Mobile 2 for Android

We are very proud to release the first beta version of Piwik Mobile 2 for Android 4+ after more than 150 changes and bug fixes since the first alpha release four weeks ago. Are you interested in testing our latest … Read More

Piwik Mobile 2 – Preview & Alpha release

We are very proud to give you a preview of Piwik Mobile 2 and to release a first alpha after 6 months of development. Piwik Mobile 2 is built with the following benefits in mind: Support for (upcoming) Piwik 2.x … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.9.6

Piwik Mobile 1.9.6 is now available! This new version includes the following changes: Fixed the visit time of a visitor was not displayed in the websites timezone in “Visitor Log” and “Visitors in Real Time” Fixed the app possibly crashes … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.9.5

Piwik Mobile 1.9.5 is now available! This update includes the following changes: Compatibility with upcoming Piwik 1.12 It is now possible to use the periods day, week, month and year in Visitor Log. This is especially interesting if you have … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.9.4

Piwik Mobile 1.9.4 is now available! This update includes the following bug fixes: Subtables were not working when using Piwik 1.10 or higher, this is now fixed [#3764] Data of two domains was getting mixed when switching domains in real … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.9.3

Piwik Mobile 1.9.3 is now available, and we are proud to announce that Piwik Mobile now support Android Tablets! This update also includes the following changes: Improved support for Android Tablets New icon to switch between overview graphs and historical … Read More