Better Piwik Forums

We have recently migrated the Piwik forums to a new server and a new forum software. Piwik Forums are an important part of the Piwik support ecosystem, along with the user documentation and the FAQ. Currently, there is more than … Read More

New Piwik Design overview (Screenshots)

Yesterday was a big day for Piwik – we released our brand spanking new Piwik Design and here’s an overview. The making of the new open source UI design We knew the limitations of Piwik UI from our experience using … Read More

Call to beta testers: Piwik 0.6 RC1

Piwik 0.6 is nearly ready, but we decided to release a public 0.6-rc1 (release candidate) version so that anyone can try it out and provide feedback. What is new in Piwik 0.6? We listened to your feedback and worked on … Read More website now available in German!

Piwik is an international open source project. Over the last year, users from over 120 countries have visited, downloaded the software, and started using it. Piwik is mainly used by users speaking German, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, … Read More

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