Piwik had yesterday its most busy day ever: 2572 visits!! This is more than 15 times the average day. What happened?

I’m not sure about the blog(s) that started it all, but it seems the articles on incubaweb and seoprofessional did spread the word about piwik worldwide; there were articles written about piwik in polish, italian, english, spanish, french, german yesterday!

Then Piwik got featured on delicious Popular page, which brought not less than 750 direct visits and hundred of undirect visits (via feed readers, websites aggregators, etc.).

Thanks to all the people who wrote / spread the word about Piwik, it really helps us.The beta version is due before April 2008. Stay tuned!See also the related article : Welcome Japan!

Matthieu Aubry

While studying in India in 2006, Matthieu had the idea of creating an open source web analytics alternative to Google Analytics. In 2007 he released the first public beta version of Piwik. Matthieu now leads the project from New Zealand, where he likes to spend his days coding new features from the Piwik Roadmap, and helping users and customers use Piwik effectively. Find him on twitter or github.