Piwik is an open source project brought to you by the Piwik team members as well as many other contributors around the globe. If you believe in our vision of building an outstanding analytics platform, we hope you will join us! If you would like to learn more about how you can participate, see Getting involved... or get in touch!

Maciej Zawadziński CEO

Matthieu Aubry Founder and CTO

Michał Andreasik


Patryk Andrzejewski

Cloud & Enterprise Software Developer

Ewa Bałazińska

Content Marketing Manager

Kuba Bomba

Project Manager

Dominik Czajka

Cloud & Enterprise Software Developer

Łukasz Dziuba

UI/UX Designer

Thomas Fulczyk

Junior Online Marketing Manager

Stefan Giehl

Core Software Engineer

Michał Gonera

Enterprise Project Coordinator

Alexander Gulentz

Managing Director - Germany

Grzegorz Jendroszczyk

Key Account Manager

Marek Juszczyński

Performance Marketing Manager

Destiny Lalane

Enterprise Account Development

Rafał Lemieszewski

Head of Design Team

Daniel Lenkiewicz


Jacek Lubziński


Benaka Moorthi

Core Software Engineer

Matthieu Napoli

Core Software Engineer

Piotr Niewiadomski

WordPress Developer

Tomasz Olszewski

Head of SysAdmin Team

Konrad Pawlikowski

Cloud & Enterprise Software Developer

Sebastian Piskorski

Cloud & Enterprise Software Developer

Fabian Rodriguez

Enterprise Project Coordinator

Leo Sarian

Sales Director

Thomas Steur

Core Software Engineer

Michael Sweeney


Tomasz Sygnowski

UI/UX Designer

Michał Tomczak

Piwik Support Specialist

Igor Vasic

Graphic and Motion Designer

Mariusz Waligóra


Krzysztof Węgliński

Frontend Developer

Jan Wroniszewski

Cloud & Enterprise Software Developer

Kamil Zając

Cloud & Enterprise Software Developer


A special thanks to these amazing people who have contributed something major to the project!

Julien Moumné Core developer

Peter Boehlke Piwik Consulting Germany

Thomas Zilliox Core developer

Fabian Becker Core developer

  • Gregor Aisch Gregor is our Visualization Specialist Genius who implemented our beautiful Visitors world maps and Real time user maps in Piwik. He currently works as Graphics editor at The New York Times.

  • Timo Besenreuther Active contributor for years, Timo has built some of our most innovative new features such as Transitions, Row Evolution and Page Overlay.

  • Mattias Levin– created and maintains the Analytics iOS SDK for Piwik to provide iOS mobile app analytics.

  • Alexey Subbotin – created and maintains the Analytics Android SDK for Piwik to provide Android mobile app analytics.

  • André Bräkling – created WP-Piwik, the official WordPress plugin to integrate Piwik

  • Anthon Pang – active contributor for years, Anthon has designed some some major features in Piwik such as the first version of the Javascript tracker. He still regularly advises the team.

  • Cyril B. – implemented Log Analytics functionality in Piwik. He is CEO of Web hosting company Alwaysdata who is hosting

  • Thomas Seifert – lead the migration to the new Piwik forums, writing a complete migration script from Invision to Phorum, and is also hosting the new forums.

  • Marcin Galecki – worked on the new Piwik UI and prepared pixel perfect mockups of a fresh, professional new design.

  • Stepan Sukharyna – implemented the html/css/js changes for the new Piwik design perfectly respecting the mockups.

  • Dibia Victor – implemented the SEO widget, giving essential SEO data about the Piwik website.

  • Khanh Pham – implemented the feature “Hash tags restore UI state” greatly improving user experience.

  • Adrian Speyer, Robert Schilt and Thierry Scelles – contributed to the project with their fresh Marketing & PR skills.

  • Aurélien Requiem – created and maintains the official Debian package for Piwik.

  • Noah Firth – Noah is our Translations Coordinator helping translators worldwide contribute to Piwik.

  • Johan Mathé – was the system administrator for all Piwik servers and services for the first few years (trac, emails, web) and we are very grateful for his precious help!

  • Thomas Zeithaml – implemented the original Live! plugin and is available as a Piwik consultant in Germany.

  • Julien Rouvière – did a great job at implementing the customizable dashboard in Piwik.

  • OpenX – sponsored Matthieu in 2007 to start building Piwik. Matthieu stayed employed at OpenX for more than a year, mostly developing Piwik and supporting the community.

Piwik Translators

Piwik translators have done an incredible job making Piwik available to so many people of different languages and cultures. Thank you all!

list of piwik translators

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