Piwik lets you access reports showing how your Intranet content is accessed, so you can learn to improve the content and experience for your your users and colleagues using the websites. It provides overview of traffic and general patterns and insights, as well as allowing to drill down to visitor paths.

How to install Intranet Web Analytics software?

First, download and install Piwik on your internal server.

Once Piwik is installed, to track visits with Piwik you need to copy paste a short javascript code in the website. If you use a Content Management System or an Ecommerce Software, check out the list of Piwik integration modules which would save you some time with the initial setup.

If you have inserted the Javascript code in Piwik, wait for your first visitors, and you would soon see a dashboard such as this Piwik dashboard:

Example Intranet Dashboard, showing few of the 40+ reports available in Piwik

Grant ‘view’ access to the Analytics Reports to other people

Piwik reports are designed to be used by technical people (to find out browser, OS, mobile penetration, etc.) but also it can be shown to the people working on the website content, writers, colleagues, etc. With Piwik you can easily give other users access to the reports, and schedule custom Email reports (HTML or PDF) containing the relevant reports.

Learn more about Managing Users, or learn more about Creating and Scheduling Email Reports

Intranet websites and Extranet sites in the same tool

Piwik can track multiple intranet websites in the same installation. It is common to track several websites with Piwik, for example your intranet search engine, portal, blogs, or company information.

You could also track standard Extranet/Internet websites in the same Piwik server. Just make sure the Piwik server IP and Hostname is available to the Internet as well in the Intranet.

Learn more about managing websites in Piwik or contact us for more support.

Tracking your Intranet Search Engine keywords

Piwik will automatically track which queries are the most searched on your Intranet Search, which Keywords are searched but returned no result, and which pages are the most visited after click in Search Results. Learn more about Analytics Site Search

Privacy & Cost

Privacy & Cost are Piwik strong points: Piwik is FREE to use on your existing server. For any question or new requirement, Professional Support Plans and Consulting options are available. Piwik respects your privacy as it gives you complete control over your data. You can easily configure Piwik for advanced privacy features (anonymize IPs, delete old logs, DoNotTrack support).

Example Pages report showing how many visits each page of the Intranet gets

Other advantages

Integrates with SharePoint Intranet

A dedicated solution called SharePoint Analytics for Piwik. It lets you easily integrate Piwik web analytics with your SharePoint service and learn more about the productivity of your employees and overall user engagement.

Server Log Analytics

Some websites just can’t be tracked with the standard Javascript beacons. For these, Piwik also offer the possibility to import web server access logs directly, so that your visits, page views, downloads from the logs are nicely displayed in Piwik innovative Dashboard and reports.

Learn more about Transforming Server Logs in Beautiful Analytics Reports.

Open Source

Piwik being open source, you can be confident your data is not used or shared in any way… you have the freedom.

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If you use SharePoint for your intranet services, check out SharePoint Analytics solution.

If you need support, please contact us via Piwik Consulting.

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