Plugins maintained by Piwik and plugins by InnoCraft are compatible for sure with the latest Piwik version. For all other 3rd party plugins we recommend to go to the Piwik Marketplace, click on a Plugin and then check in the bottom part where it says “Requirements” whether this plugin is compatible with the latest Piwik.

  • If the plugin is compatible with the latest Piwik, it will be likely updated to the latest compatible version automatically.

  • If the plugin is not compatible, it will be deactivated during the process; or if the plugin has not specified its compatibility correctly, our ‘Safe mode’ might be displayed, letting you disable the incompatible plugin to make Piwik work again.

If you experience any issue with a third party plugin, we recommend to contact the plugin maintainer.

To find which third-party plugins you are using, log in to Piwik, go to Administration => Plugins and click on the link “Third-party”.

To find out which version of Piwik you are using, click here.

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