By default, Piwik only tracks visitors with Javascript enabled. See more information about the tracking process. If you want to track visitors (or bots) without Javascript, you can add an Image Tracker on your pages. Advanced users can also use the Advanced Image Tracker or even call the Piwik Tracking API using HTTP. Check out more information on how to use these advanced tracking techniques in the Piwik Tracking API. See also How do I enable tracking for visitors without Javascript?

You can also use Piwik to track Search Engine Bots. There are a few ways to track bots using Piwik:

  • Using the Javascript Tracker, you can specifically tell Piwik to track the few advanced bots that will execute Javascript with _paq.push(['appendToTrackingUrl', 'bots=1']);
  • Using the Tracking HTTP API, you can enable the tracking of bots by setting the parameter &bots=1 in the piwik.php tracking request
  • When importing your web server access log files with the option --enable-bots the Search Engine Bots will be tracked

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