When Piwik records activities for heatmaps and session recordings, the HTML of your website is being recorded and shown when you view a heatmap or a recorded session. However, the CSS and images that your web page embeds will still be loaded from your website.

  • If you have removed CSS or image files from your website that are embedded within the recorded HTML, then the styles might not be shown anymore in the Heatmap or Session recording. However, any generated heatmap data or recorded session will be still correctly displayed, because we track activities in a special way with maximum accuracy.

  • If you have not removed CSS files but your heatmap or session recording is still not styled, your website might not support HTTPS. In this case, try to access your Piwik via “http://” instead of “https://”. We recommend that you keep using Piwik via “https://” and create a HTTPS certificate for your website in order to make sure the stylesheets are applied.

  • If the heatmap or session recording is still not styled, please contact us and we will investigate.

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