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  • Auto Archiving If your website has more than a few hundreds visits per day, activate auto archiving to speed up Piwik’s dashboard.
  • Secure Piwik Easy steps to take to ensure your Piwik server is secure and your analytics data is safe.
  • High Traffic Servers – Optimization tips Tips & Server configuration guide to track millions of pages per month with Piwik.
  • Data Limits Data sheets of limits in place in Piwik in terms of websites, users, custom reports. visits tracked, custom variables, etc.
  • Enable Geo Location Piwik can track the country of visitors but also the regions and cities after you enable the Free GeoIP database using our easy to use interface. If you need better geo location for your visitors, you can buy the pro GeoIP DB from within Piwik.
  • How to Configure Piwik Analytics? [Video]

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