We built a way to determine the performance of the pieces of content on any page of the website or app. You might be wondering how often a specific ad or a banner was displayed on any of your pages and how often a visitor actually interacted with them. We call these two parts content impression and content interaction.

This feature is not only limited to ads or banners. You can use it for any kind of content. Once a page has loaded we log a content impression for each content block within that page which of each consists of a content name (My Product 1), a content piece (“product1.jpg” or “Buy Product 1 now”) and a content target (http://landingpage.example.com). As soon as a visitor clicks on a content block a content interaction is logged allowing you to analyze the ratio of content impressions to content interactions.

Viewing Content Tracking reports

Go to Piwik. In the menu click Actions and then Contents.

Requesting Content Tracking report data

You may use the Contents API to request all data for Contents.

Tracking Content

Mark each content block with a data-track-content HTML attribute or piwikTrackContent CSS class. Then activate content tracking by calling one of those two methods:


To track all content blocks within a page.


To track only visible content blocks within a page.

For a list of all available methods have a look at the JavaScript Tracker reference. Developers should have a look at the in-depth guide on how to track content.

Tracking Content with HTTP API

Use Content Tracking from any application or server, with the Tracking API. View the Content Tracking HTTP API here.

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