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One of Piwik’s strength is that it is a platform designed for web analytics, but it can do much more for you. Piwik uses small pieces of code called Plugins which can enhance the default features and extend the set of tracked data or business reports.

Along with Piwik 2.0 we are very excited to announce the launch of the Piwik Marketplace where you can access plugins published by other developers. Browse Plugins in the Marketplace

How do I install a new plugin?

Installing new plugins is very easy! In your Piwik server, login as the Super User, click ‘Settings’, then click ‘Marketplace’. Here you can see all third party plugins available in the Marketplace and install new ones in one click. After installing a plugin you can ‘Activate’ it in the ‘Plugins’ menu link in Piwik.

Is there already a module for Piwik for my CMS or App?

If you use a Content Management System (CMS), if you run an Ecommerce store, or if you are tracking data from an app, check out our list of Third party Integration Modules as it may help you integrate Piwik in your existing tools.

Customisable Platform

Learn more about building custom plugins for Piwik and helping us improve the platform.

Plugin Development

Interested in developing a Piwik plugin?

Submit a Bug

Found a bug in a plugin?

Custom Development & Custom plugins services

If you are missing some functionality in Piwik, need a particular bug to be fixed, or if you have custom requirements, contact our team of Piwik expert engineers.

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