WordPress Integration with WP-Piwik

WP-Piwik is a WordPress plugin which integrates Piwik and WordPress. By using the Piwik API, WP-Piwik is able to include a summary statistics page to your WordPress dashboard as shown below: In addition to including your traffic stats, WP-Piwik can … Read More

Piwik Ecommerce Extension for Magento

The Magento/Piwik Community now has a free and open source plugin to simply setup Ecommerce tracking with Piwik in your Magento shop! Created by Adrian Speyer, this new plugin works on the community edition of Magneto (1.7) and is loosely … Read More

Open Source World Map for Piwik

UPDATE: As of Piwik 1.11 in March 2013, we have released new Maps that are now written in SVG and are fully open source. The maps also include Country, Region and City views, leveraging Piwik Geo Location capabilities. Learn more … Read More

Plugin: Piwik Inside your Joomla Panel

Update: Check out the Piwik Joomla plugin here! We recently heard the buzz about the new Joomla plugin to integrate Piwik smoothly inside the Joomla admin panel.  

Piwik plugin for Drupal

If you are using Drupal to power your website you may be interested by the Piwik Integration for Drupal plugin. This module automatically adds the Piwik tracking code to your Drupal website, as well as providing the following features: Selectively … Read More

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