New Piwik Mobile 2.3.0 is released

New Piwik Mobile 2.3.0 update is now available for Android 7+ and iOS10+ devices. Read below to learn more, including a special message to Android users. What’s new in Piwik Mobile? This new version brings some bug fixes and improvements … Read More

New Piwik Mobile 2.2.0 is released

We are proud to announce that Piwik Mobile 2.2.0 is now available! This new version brings many improvements to our Android app. Here’s the list of changes: Android: The keyboard is no longer displayed when opening the app [#5320] Android: … Read More

New Piwik Mobile 2 Beta app (Android only)

Are you interested in testing our newest features, bug fixes and performance improvements before they make it to our next Piwik Mobile version? Check out our new app Piwik Mobile 2 Beta on Google Play. This beta includes more than … Read More

Piwik Mobile 2.1 Beta for Android

Four years ago we published the first version of Piwik Mobile! To celebrate this event, the next beta of Piwik Mobile 2 for Android is now available. Download Piwik Mobile 2.1 Beta for Android 4+ What’s new in Piwik Mobile … Read More

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