Integrate Piwik into your Rails Application

piwik_analytics is a Gem for Ruby on Rails 3.x. After installing Piwik on your server and creating a website, you get a JavaScript tracking tag that you have to include in your website. When working with Rails the tracking tag … Read More

Sourceforge offers Piwik to 150,000 Open Source projects!

Today is an exciting day for Piwik:, the biggest repository of Open Source software, now offers a Free one click install Piwik to 150,000 Open Source project administrators. Each project can host their website on Sourceforge and track their … Read More

New servers for, and new sponsor! is growing: – 900 visits per day on average (from 300 three months ago), – 100+ downloads per day New servers for the website The first servers we had were too slow to handle the load of the traffic … Read More

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