A *hot* Piwik Community Meetup 2015!

Last weekend I arrived in Germany to attend the Piwik Community Meetup 2015 and now I am in Poland. The meetup was HOT in every sense! Berlin temperatures reached 35 degrees (celsius), as I finally meet in person several long-time, … Read More

Join us for the Piwik Community Meetup 2015!

We’re excited to announce that our third Piwik Community Meetup will be held in Berlin on Tuesday, the 4th of August, 2015. Don’t miss this great opportunity to connect with other users and meet the core team behind Piwik. It’s … Read More

Stopping Referrer Spam

In this blog post we explain what is Referrer spam, this new kind of spam that has recently appeared on the Internet. We also provide solutions to stop it and preserve the quality of your analytics data. What is Referrer … Read More

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