German Video tutorial “How to install Piwik?”

Ralph, german user of Piwik, has written a nice and detailed installation tutorial for Piwik. Piwik installation process is easy and straightforward for most people. However when you have not installed a php software software, an illustrated tutorial is very … Read More

Why is Piwik better than the competition?

This presentation will describe why Piwik, the open source web analytics software, can be a better alternative than the other web analytics tools available (google analytics, clicky, etc.). View piwik features and screenshots presentation on slideshare This presentation illustrates 5 … Read More

Piwik in the web analytics world – presentation

View Piwik presentation on slideshare Here is a presentation we did to present Piwik to an audience in a french engineering school. I gives a simple overview of what web analytics is measure analyze act piwik competitors (google analytics, clicky, … Read More

The best Web Analytics API: Piwik API

The mission statement of Piwik is « To create, as a community, the leading international open source web analytics application, providing access to all functionality through open components and open APIs. » “Open APIs:” It is very important for us … Read More