C# Tracking and Analytics API Clients Available Now

What makes Piwik a fantastic Web Analytics tool is its support for open APIs. Piwik allows you to access all of its data points and track users using standard APIs. The reference documentation is found here : https://piwik.org/docs/analytics-api. Piwik ships … Read More

Reshaping Piwik Documentation

In this post you will hear all about what has recently been happening at Piwik: a new, simpler to use User Documentation now available at piwik.org/docs Check out the new docs pages… Using Piwik… Piwik Installation & Optimization This is … Read More

Making Piwik UI faster

Piwik was recently released with an improved mechanism for handling javascript and css file inclusions. The main idea was to merge javascript and css files into two files. You can find out more about the way the idea was brought … Read More

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