Would you like to know some quick fix in order to make your website load faster? Would you like your users to have a better experience on your website? One answer to that is what we call a CDN. Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers that deliver content to a user based on various criterias such as geolocation.

And the good news for you is that Piwik got recently integrated to a popular CDN: CloudFlare.

What is CloudFlare?

As previously said, CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN).

The three major advantages of using CloudFlare as a CDN are:

  • it is making your website load faster by providing a nearby location to your files to users
  • it also help detecting potential attacks like DDoS and takes away these risks for you
  • it runs one of the largest, fastest, and most reliable managed DNS service in the world

Automatically add Piwik tracking code to your website

With the integration of Piwik to CloudFlare, you can now deploy the Piwik tracking code directly through your CloudFlare account instead of tweaking the source code of your website.

In order to do that, all you need is to log in to your CloudFlare account and click on “Apps”. Then look for Piwik within the search bar:

Once done, click on “Preview” on your site to enter your credentials (Piwik URL and website ID):

Click “install” to finish the setup. The Piwik tracking code is now installed on each page of your website.

If you have previously added the tracking code manually to your website and now use the Piwik app, don’t forget to remove the tracking code from your website. Otherwise you end up tracking every user twice.

Important note: the Piwik CloudFlare integration only concerns the Piwik tracking code integration. For the Piwik app on Cloudflare to work you will need to have a running Piwik installed on your server, or you can start a free trial on the Piwik Analytics Cloud.

To learn more about what Piwik integration to CloudFlare can do for you.

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