As you may know, Piwik is a Free software under the GPL license which guarantees you:

  • The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
  • The freedom to study how it works and change it.
  • The freedom to improve the program, and release your changes.
  • The freedom to redistribute it under the GPL license, and to sell it if you wish.

In this article we will focus on the Free aspect of Piwik, which is how to rebrand Piwik, how to offer your clients a better experience, and possibly how to make a profit from it?

How to sell Piwik services as an agency?

As a web analytics software, Piwik is often installed by web agencies when it comes to designing a brand new website for a given customer.
Most of the time agencies are using Piwik for the following reasons:

  • free of charge
  • data ownership
  • user privacy compliance
  • feature rich while easy to use
  • open source

Most of the agencies are charging their customers for the installation process, tracking code implementation, analysing reports to get insights about users… but do you know that you could also sell the software as your own brand? This is where the “White Label” plugin, developed by the InnoCraft company, comes into play.

White labelling for Piwik

Creating a “white label” plugin came into the mind of InnoCraft founders when they realized that on any modern Piwik installation, the following components were visible:

  • Piwik branded widgets within the dashboards
  • Piwik marketplace plugin teasers on the admin page
  • Piwik help and support pages
  • the “Piwik” word in general
  • Piwik Mobile app banners
Piwik branded widget examples
Example of Piwik branded widgets

In order to remove all those mentions of Piwik and to start selling this web analytics under your own name, you can either hack Piwik on your own (it is going to take you some precious time and money) or have a look at the White Label plugin on the marketplace where InnoCraft has solved all the challenges already for you.

The White Label plugin is straightforward. Once downloaded and installed, you will have access to a dedicated interface where you will be able to change the Piwik name by a new custom brand of your choice:

Piwik white label plugin settings
Piwik White Label settings

Once you click Save, all “Piwik” mentions will be substituted by your company name/service:

Piwik name changed
Here the Piwik version is changed by the name of the company

How to make your installation even more customized?

Few Piwik users know about this trick, but since 2014 the Piwik templates can be customized through Themes. You are free to design your own template, installing existing ones, or even monetize them through the marketplace:

Custom theme sample
A simple example of how Piwik can be easily customized, here fonts and colours are changed

If you want to know how you can tweak your existing template and make it match your brand and image, just follow our theme documentation. A simple theme with your colors can be built in a few minutes simply by defining different color codes. You can also browse the public themes on the Marketplace.

Tell us your story

If you are an agency or any business related in selling Piwik services, we recommend having a look at our FAQ for rebranding, selling, reusing, re-licensing, and including Piwik in my offering. Are you interested or already re-selling Piwik services? We would love to hear your story and write a blog post about it.

Do not hesitate to contact the Piwik core team, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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