At Piwik and Piwik PRO we develop the leading open source web analytics platform, used by more than one million websites worldwide. Our vision is to help the world liberate their analytics data by building the best open alternative to Google Analytics.

The Piwik platform collects, stores and processes a lot of information: hundreds of millions of data points each month. We create intuitive, simple and beautiful reports that delight our users.

Are you seeking a new challenge? We are currently looking for a full time Software Developer to join our small and dedicated Product Engineering team.

At Piwik PRO we practise agile methodology, test driven development and fast release cycles. The main technologies we work with are PHP5, JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery) and MySQL and our tools include PhpStorm, Github, Travis CI and Slack.

As a Software Developer for Piwik PRO, you will be writing open source code that will directly benefit 250,000+ Piwik users in 200+ countries and 50 languages.

Key Responsibilities

  • Writing server-side code (PHP 5) and front-end code (JavaScript).
  • Creating robust high-volume production applications and developing prototypes quickly.
  • Tackling new problems as we continue to push technology forward.
  • Assisting other developers by writing peer code reviews.
  • Improving and updating our platform developer guides.
  • Lead by example, able to self manage and use initiative to get things done.

Minimum qualifications

  • Experience in product development, security, the open source philosophy and usable interface design.
  • Understanding of, and practical experience with PHP5 and JavaScript application development.
  • 3+ years experience building successful production software systems.
  • Solid knowledge of testing principles and OOP.
  • Strong analytical and coding skills.
  • Strong written communication.


  • Offices based in Wellington, New Zealand or Wrocław, Poland.
  • However remote work is also possible.

Apply online

To apply for this position, please Apply online here. We look forward to receiving your applications!

Matthieu Aubry

While studying in India in 2006, Matthieu had the idea of creating an open source web analytics alternative to Google Analytics. In 2007 he founded Piwik, the free and open source web analytics platform now used by more than 1 million websites in 200 countries. He is also the CTO of Piwik PRO. Find him on Twitter or Github.

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