It’s been almost two years since our last survey. We were so happy to get the participation we did from the community last time and hope that you will once again share your thoughts!

Piwik Survey

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Looking back on the previous survey, several features were implemented as a direct result:

  • New app design with Morpheus theme
  • Piwik Marketplace for Plugins
  • Visitor Profile
  • Performance and Reliability Improvements
  • Theming
  • Migrated from SVN to Github!
  • And much more…

Now it is time to ask for your opinion again. Sure it’s only 20 short questions, but your time you take and energy you place in this endeavour will shape Piwik development and features for the near future. We really look forward to your ideas, your opinions and your suggestions. To get started click the box (or link) below:

Piwik Survey

Fill in the survey!

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