As you may already be aware, we who work on Piwik believe strongly in owning the data you collect. Your data is your future, and we believe that should be in no one’s hands but your own. This is the reason we created Piwik. But we don’t just believe in owning your data, we believe it should be easy to own your data.

To this end we would like to create a tool that will help you seamlessly transition from Google Analytics, a proprietary analytics solution to your own private Piwik installation. We are hoping to work on this Data Migration & data liberation project in 2015. We also hope to hear from companies or developers would would like to help us work on this as a community?

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Maciej Zawadziński

Maciej is the CEO of Piwik PRO, the leading professional web analytics services provider. At Piwik PRO, Maciej helps clients deploy and maintain Piwik analytics on their own infrastructure as well as on Piwik Cloud. He also advises on creating customised analytics solutions and provides consulting services on Piwik analytics.