We are proud to announce that Piwik Mobile 1.6 is now available!

Here is the list of changes in this Piwik Mobile release 1.6:

Improved Login and scalability

In previous versions, Piwik Mobile was not working if the Piwik server contained thousands of websites. As of Piwik Mobile 1.6 the app will now scale! By default, five websites will be displayed for each configured account. You can search for further websites. We also fixed (hopefully all) login issues and improved the performance when requesting the list of websites.

New Graphs

Piwik Mobile now uses the new ImageGraph plugin to render static graphs directly on the Piwik instance which brings a performance boost and ensures a better visual experience (expect some improvements to the graphs look and feel soon). The new graphs require that your Piwik server runs at least Piwik 1.6. If your Piwik server runs 1.5.1 or earlier release, the graphs will be rendered for a limited time only. We recommend to update to Piwik 1.6!

Anonymous tracking

We added an optional anonymous tracking. When enabled, Piwik Mobile will send anonymous usage data to piwik.org. The intent is to use this data to help Piwik Mobile developers better understand how the app is used. Information sent is: menus and settings clicked on, OS name and version, any error displayed in Piwik Mobile. We will NOT track any of your analytics data. This anonymous data will never be made public. You can disable/enable anonymous tracking in Settings at any time.

iPad specific layout

We made a specific layout for the iPad. The list of available reports and the processed report is now displayed side by side. The website- and date-chooser is opened in a Popover window. So you can navigate faster through your data.

Known Issues

  • Android: When opening the app, the keyboard is sometimes displayed on Android.
  • Android: On devices with a higher resolution, there is some whitespace above and below the graph.
  • iOS: The displayed graph (when using Piwik 1.6 or higher) does always use the period day.
  • iOS & Android: When rotating the device within the graph detail screen, the graph is not fully displayed.


More Screenshots

You’ll find more screenshots on the Apple App Store and on the Android Market.

Thomas Steur

Thomas is a Lead developer for Piwik. He created and maintains our Piwik Mobile app used by dozens of thousands users every week. Thomas has a passion for making Piwik mobile better and improving the Piwik platform by providing simple APIs and clean code.

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