We believe the website piwik.org does a good job, but it can be improved and hopefully serve the Piwik community better.

In particular, we are planning to work on a website redesign for piwik.org website, which contains the various documentations, FAQs, the download counter, Participate in the project, and many other pages.

What are your ideas on the website redesign? What look and feel should it have, etc.

Please leave your best suggestions/ constructive feedback, in a comment in this blog post, or in the Facebook fan page, or RT & Reply to us. Thank you to all for leaving your ideas!

Happy life & analytics,
Piwik team

Piwik Core Team

Piwik is liberating web analytics by offering an open platform with built-in privacy. Piwik is used on more than 1 million websites worldwide and is translated in 53 languages. The Marketplace enables the community to create innovation in the world of web analytics. Roadmap - Get involved - Help & Support.

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