We are proud to announce that Piwik Mobile 1.5 is now available!

Here is the list of changes in this Piwik Mobile release 1.5:

  • Visitors in Real Time! and Visitor Log (requires at least Piwik server 1.4)
  • Support for screen rotation
  • Support for Android Honeycomb
  • Support for Multi Density on Android (sharper text and icons)
  • Runs faster
  • UI and Usability improvements
  • Bugfixes
  • Much better configurable and styleable for developers. A documentation for this will be available soon. Stay tuned on the Piwik Mobile Developer pages.

Android 1.6 is no longer supported

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to support Android 1.6. Piwik is based on the Titanium Mobile framework which has dropped the support for Android 1.6. This affects about 2% of the Android Users. Android 1.6 users who have already installed the app are still able to use Piwik Mobile 1.4. However, we can not guarantee that this version will work with future versions of Piwik server.

Known issues

  • An orientation change within the detailed view of a graph falsely rotates the graph
  • An option dialog always opens in portrait mode on iOS

Future of Piwik Mobile

We are working on better graphs for the Piwik Mobile App. We are also to make Piwik Mobile work with hundreds or thousands of websites, it currently times out trying to load the whole list of websites.

This version was re-engineered from scratch, to allow better maintainability and future evolutions. If you find a bug or have suggestions to improve the app, please check that your bug report/suggestion is not already in the Piwik Mobile tickets list, and create a ticket.

We would like to thank our sponsor Mayflower for maintaining Piwik Mobile, renewing iOS Developer Accounts, and more.

iOS Screenshots

Android Screenshots

We hope you enjoy Piwik on the go in your mobile phone,

Have fun & Happy analytics!

Thomas Steur

Thomas is a Lead developer for Piwik. He created and maintains our Piwik Mobile app used by dozens of thousands users every week. Thomas has a passion for making Piwik mobile better and improving the Piwik platform by providing simple APIs and clean code.

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