We are happy to release public release candidate of Piwik 1.5, and Piwik Mobile 1.5

The whole Piwik team has been hard at developing and contributing the latest features and improvements in Piwik.

This post lists the new features in the new Piwik and Piwik Mobile. The stable 1.5 releases will be published in a few days when we have received enough reports that all is working great.

New features in Piwik 1.5 RC

  1. Ecommerce analytics
  2. JS Canvas Charts (no more flash graphs!)
  3. Custom Variables analytics for each page view
  4. Inline help
  5. Custom Logo upload
  6. Easy IP Anonymization from new Privacy settings
  7. Option to automatically delete old logs from the database
  8. Bug fixes!

We are getting closer to reaching our Piwik 2.0 goal (click to see the roadmap)

How to use latest Piwik RC and help with testing?

Please check out the forum post Piwik 1.5 RC testing for download link to the RC, and more information about the new features. We really appreciate your help testing the releases and make sure everything works as expected. Please post your feedback or questions in response to this forum post.

New features in Piwik Mobile App 1.5 RC

Piwik Mobile app is getting even better with these great new features (and even more coming soon!)

  • Visitor in Real Time! Also access your complete Visitor Log
  • Supports screen rotation
  • Supports Android Honeycomb
  • Sharper fonts and images
  • Bug fixes + performance and usability improvements

How do I test the new Piwik Mobile 1.5 RC on my Android phone?

Testing the Early RC release requires Android 2.1 or newer. You can download from this link: builds.piwik.org/Piwik_Mobile_1.4.0.apk

or scan this bar code: qrcode

If you have any question or feedback about the Piwik Mobile app RC, please post in the Support forums and we will follow up.

We hope you enjoy all these new features.

Thank you for your time and support!

Piwik Core Team

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