We are proud to release Piwik 1.5, after weeks of development and testing.

Piwik 1.5 is a major upgrade, bringing amazing new features, better scalability and fixing a security issue affecting a minority of Piwik servers:

New features in Piwik 1.5!

Critical security issue fixed

Piwik 1.5 also contains a fix for a security issue that was disclosed to us as part of our Security bug bounty program. The security bug is rated critical. In the default configuration of users logging in to see their reports, Piwik is not affected by this issue. But when the anonymous user has some access to reports that the Piwik server could be compromised using arbitrary code execution..

We would like to thank Neal Poole for his responsible disclosure of the security bug. Neal is the first researcher to win the $500 bounty. Thanks to Neal for making Piwik safer and better!

Ecommerce Analytics for FREE!

The e-Commerce functionality in Piwik v1.5 came as a result of consulting with Jirafe, an ecommerce analytics company, over the last few months. Jirafe uses Piwik as their analytics engine, and deeply integrates their analytics service inside of popular ecommerce platforms like Magento and provides an ecommerce dashboard to these platforms. They have been sponsoring all of the ecommerce functionality that you now see in Piwik. We hope that they continue to sponsor new features for the Piwik community!

Check out some screenshots

Ecommerce overview

Ecommerce Best Products

and MORE Ecommerce goodness!

Spread the word

The support of the community, activity in the forums, downloads are going strong…. We hope that Piwik stays on course and becomes one of the major Analytics solutions, bring advanced Privacy features and more control over your data. Please spread the word about Piwik in your blog, website and let your friends know.

We hope you enjoy the new release, please report any feedback, error or suggestion in the Forums.

Happy analytics!

Piwik Core Team

Piwik is liberating web analytics by offering an open platform with built-in privacy. Piwik is used on more than 1 million websites worldwide and is translated in 53 languages. The Marketplace enables the community to create innovation in the world of web analytics. Roadmap - Get involved - Help & Support.

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