Piwik is an international open source project. Over the last year, users from over 120 countries have visited piwik.org, downloaded the software, and started using it. Piwik is mainly used by users speaking German, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Japanese but there are many more (the software itself is already translated in 36 languages and growing!)

Piwik.org now available in German

Today, we are proud to release the German version of Piwik.org, hosted at de.piwik.org. The content, documentation, FAQs, etc. has been translated by Peter Boehlke, a German web developer who recently joined the Piwik team. With Germany being the largest Piwik local community, translating the website in German made a lot of sense… Thanks to Peter for his amazing work!

The website is a copy of piwik.org and will be kept up to date by Peter and other participants. You can already register to the German Blog RSS feed to stay up to date with the latest Piwik news.

If you speak and write German and have some experience in web analytics, please consider sharing your knowledge in the Piwik German blog, and become an editor. We hope the blog will be an interesting web analytics resource for German speakers.

Other translations for piwik.org website?

The system we use (WordPress and WPML, more below) makes it technically very easy to add a new translation to the website. We are actively working on providing piwik.org into other languages. If you are interested by this project, you can check out the Piwik.org website translation page and contact us if you wish to participate – and be the lead – of a new translation. We are very interested to hear from you!

How does the Piwik.org translation work?

Piwik.org is built using WordPress. To add German translations, we’re using a plugin called WPML, which allows running a multilingual WordPress site from a single install.

WPML includes a professional translation interface which makes our content management much easier. We can send everything to translation from within WordPress. Our translators do the translations in ICanLocalize‘s system and the completed translations are automatically sent back to de.piwik.org. To see the plugin in action, check out WordPress website translation page that explains to website translators how to get started. We are totally in love with this way of working on translations with WordPress. We never have to edit HTML, copy paste files over both websites. Everything is shared and when we modify a post or a page, it either gets updated automatically (if the system detects that only the HTML changed), or the translator would only need to translate the new sentence. This is very efficient and painless.

Let us know in the comments what you think of de.piwik.org – if you have any suggestion regarding the German content, please contact peter directly at peter AT piwik dot org. Thank you for your support!

Matthieu Aubry

While studying in India in 2006, Matthieu had the idea of creating an open source analytics alternative to Google Analytics. In 2007 he founded Piwik, the now leading open source analytics platform used by more than 1 million websites in 200 countries. Find him on Twitter or Github. Co-founder of InnoCraft.

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