Today is an exciting day for Piwik:, the biggest repository of Open Source software, now offers a Free one click install Piwik to 150,000 Open Source project administrators. Each project can host their website on Sourceforge and track their web analytics using Piwik.

Screenshot of the one click install process on Sourceforge

From the Sourceforge newsletter

3. PIWIK WEB ANALYTICS projects and developers host their content in a
variety of places, including our Project Web service, our Developer Web
service, and external web sites. It’s often unclear how many people you
are actually are actually reaching with your pages, and even more often
unclear where those users are in the world, what OS they are using, or how
long they are spending reading your pages. This is where web analytics
solutions come in to play. has launched the Piwik web analytics solution as part of
our growing Hosted Apps and Hosted Apps for Developers offerings, allowing
projects and developers to tag their web pages and obtain a comprehensive
set of analytics about their traffic. Piwik offers several ways to view
your analytics data, including dashboards, APIs and widgets that can be
embedded in your web pages — much more useful than a simple page counter.

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We are in contact with Sourceforge and we will make sure Sourceforge always uses the latest best release of Piwik. This has the potential to become one of the largest sets of installs of Piwik in one place.

With Piwik APIs, open source codes, extended plugin architecture, providing Piwik to hundreds or thousands of small websites is just a few API calls away. Check out the Piwik API documentation, the Piwik Demo and of course, Piwik on Sourceforge!

Piwik Core Team

Piwik is liberating web analytics by offering an open platform with built-in privacy. Piwik is used on more than 1 million websites worldwide and is translated in 53 languages. The Marketplace enables the community to create innovation in the world of web analytics. Roadmap - Get involved - Help & Support.

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