The Piwik team will be in London (UK) next Saturday July 5th and we’d like to use the opportunity to meet with some of our users and to run a focus group on one of our current projects.

We’re looking for feedback for a group of medium to high load web publishers about a project we’re currently working on.

What: Piwik users meetup and focus group
When: Saturday 5th July, 6:00 pm (TBC)
Where: London central

Please email us if you are able to participate and tell us a little about yourself, your business and how you are using Piwik. We’ll pick publishers on a first come, first serve basis so act quickly!

After the session we’ll be heading for drinks and would be pleased to meet up with Piwik community members. This will be a nice chance to meet some members of the Piwik Team as well as other like minded people with an interest in Piwik Web Analytics.

Please email us if you’d like to attend and we’ll send you an email confirming details.

kind regards,
The Piwik Team

PS. Please feel free to send this invitation on if you know other web publishers in or around London who might be interested in attending.

Piwik Core Team

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