Here is a presentation we did to present Piwik to an audience in a french engineering school. I gives a simple overview of

  • what web analytics is
    • measure
    • analyze
    • act
  • piwik competitors (google analytics, clicky, etc.)
  • why Piwik is better than the competition
    • Open Apis
    • Plugins architecture
    • Powerful data abstraction layer
    • Innovative user interface
    • Customizable dashboard with widgets

Matthieu Aubry

While studying in India in 2006, Matthieu had the idea of creating an open source web analytics alternative to Google Analytics. In 2007 he released the first public beta version of Piwik. Matthieu now leads the project from New Zealand, where he likes to spend his days coding new features from the Piwik Roadmap, and helping users and customers use Piwik effectively. Find him on twitter or github.