Tracking API

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Javascript client for Tracking API This is default recommended client. Learn more at: Using the Javascript client works well for most users where pasting a Javascript code in the page footer is not an issue. Tracking API Clients Sometimes … Read More

Configure Privacy Settings in Piwik

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This guide explains the privacy implications of tracking your visitors’ web analytics data, and how Piwik can easily be configured to ensure that your users’ privacy is respected. Piwik ensures the privacy of your users and analytics data. When using … Read More

How to use Log Analytics tool

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This page explains the requirements and how to run the Piwik Log Analytics tool to import your server logs in Piwik. Requirements Install Piwik (or update). This should take around 5 minutes To execute the script you need access to … Read More

Manage Websites

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Piwik can be used to track an unlimited number of websites. Piwik can track pages on multiple domains and subdomains. Most users track from 1 to 10 websites, but some Piwik servers track more than 10,000 websites! Add a Website … Read More

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