Here will soon be the User Guide for Event Tracking with Piwik Analytics. Stay tuned!

Viewing Events Reports

Go to Piwik. In the menu click Actions and then Events.

Requesting Events report data

You may use the Events API to request all data for Events, including any report combining Event Categories, Event names and Event actions (see &secondaryDimension= parameter)

Tracking Events

Javascript trackEvent()

To track an event, use the Javascript function trackEvent:

trackEvent(category, action, [name], [value])

It will log an event with an event category (Videos, Music, Games…), an event action (Play, Pause, Duration, Add Playlist, Downloaded, Clicked…), and an optional event name and optional numeric value.

Tracking Events with HTTP API

Use Event Tracking from any application or server, with the Tracking API. View the Event Tracking HTTP API here.