Piwik Mobile 1.5

We are proud to announce that Piwik Mobile 1.5 is now available! Here is the list of changes in this Piwik Mobile release 1.5: Visitors in Real Time! and Visitor Log (requires at least Piwik server 1.4) Support for screen … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.4

Piwik Mobile 1.4 is now available on your Android phones, or iOs devices. This is a maintenance release only, for compatibility with new Metadata improvements coming in Piwik 1.5. New features include “Visitors in Real Time!”, support for screen rotation … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.3

Piwik Mobile 1.3 is now available! We would really appreciate your rating and comments in the Android Market or Apple App Store. Thank you! List of improvements in Piwik Mobile 1.3 Here is the list of changes and issues closed … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.2

We are proud to announce a new version of Piwik Mobile! Here is the list of changes and issues closed in this Piwik Mobile release 1.2 Android & iOS Performance improvements simplified “choose date and period” UI changes use full … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.1

See the blog post for more details and screenshots List of issues closed in this release Manage multiple accounts (add/delete/deactivate/active accounts) Larger buttons for a better usability Choose default date and period. For example today, yesterday, … Save selected date … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.0.0

Piwik Mobile 1.0! Initial release of PiwikMobile client Save account credentials Display all allowed sites (including sparklines) Allow anonymous access Display statistics for a selected site: Visitors: Overview Visitors: Browsers Visitors: Operating systems Visitors: Resolutions Visitors: Wide Screen Actions: Pages … Read More