New servers for, and new sponsor! is growing: – 900 visits per day on average (from 300 three months ago), – 100+ downloads per day New servers for the website The first servers we had were too slow to handle the load of the traffic … Read More

Bloggers blog about Piwik worldwide

These last days, before and even more after the first public beta release of piwik, the website has been visited by thousands of people from all over the world! If we use only the last 2 days data (monday 7th … Read More

Piwik is delicious

Piwik had yesterday its most busy day ever: 2572 visits!! This is more than 15 times the average day. What happened? I’m not sure about the blog(s) that started it all, but it seems the articles on incubaweb and seoprofessional … Read More

Why is Piwik better than the competition?

This presentation will describe why Piwik, the open source web analytics software, can be a better alternative than the other web analytics tools available (google analytics, clicky, etc.). View piwik features and screenshots presentation on slideshare This presentation illustrates 5 … Read More

Piwik in the web analytics world – presentation

View Piwik presentation on slideshare Here is a presentation we did to present Piwik to an audience in a french engineering school. I gives a simple overview of what web analytics is measure analyze act piwik competitors (google analytics, clicky, … Read More

Welcome Japan!

Today Piwik was featured on! Moongift, as far as my japanese goes (not far enough :), is a tech blog about free softwares, and is very popular in japan. Indeed statistics have jumped and there are many japanese … Read More