Integrate Piwik into your Rails Application

piwik_analytics is a Gem for Ruby on Rails 3.x. After installing Piwik on your server and creating a website, you get a JavaScript tracking tag that you have to include in your website. When working with Rails the tracking tag … Read More

Survey Results: Thanks for the feedback!

We were so amazed and really happy by all the feedback we received from our users from our 2012 User Survey. We had over 2,600 people fill in the survey to share their thoughts, hopes and ideas to make Piwik … Read More

Piwik Mobile 1.9

We are proud to announce that Piwik Mobile 1.9 is now available! List of new features and changes in this Piwik Mobile release 1.9 Added support for showing hierarchical tables #2654 (requires Piwik 1.8.4) More default report dates: Last 7 … Read More

New features in Piwik 1.7 (screenshots!)

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Piwik 1.7 after weeks of development and testing. Download link How to update Piwik? List of all tickets closed: Changelog The Piwik team has been implementing new features based on your … Read More

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