As you may already be aware, we who work on Piwik believe strongly in owning the data you collect. Your data is your future, and we believe that should be in no one’s hands but your own. This is the reason we created Piwik. But we don’t just believe in owning your data, we believe it should be easy to own your data.

To this end we created and continue to support Google2Piwik, a tool that helps you seamlessly transition from Google Analytics, a proprietary analytics solution, to your own Piwik installation. And we’ve recently made some significant changes that make it even better!

Here’s a list of what we’ve added in Google2Piwik 1.3:

  • Using new Google Analytics API with bigger request quota (50k per day),
  • Improved stability of importing,
  • Fixed problem with clearing archived data,
  • More data imported (Visitors -> Engagement),
  • Compatible with Piwik 1.8.3.

What is Google2Piwik?

This tool helps you to export existing historical data from your Google Analytics account into Piwik. As GA does not provide raw data access on visit-level, the tool fetches multiple reports by different dimensions, and then simulates visits in Piwik.

How do I import Google Analytics data in Piwik?

All the information on how to run exporter and download are available on Google2Piwik project page.

Can I get a Professional Piwik Expert to help run the data import?

Yes, we can help you setup the script and run it on your server to import your Google Analytics data in Piwik. Please get in touch with Piwik Professional Services.

How long does it take to import data in Piwik?
Depending on how much historical data is imported and the traffic of your website, it could take anywhere between 1 minute to a few hours to import your Web Analytics data.

Will it import Google Analytics data on my high traffic website?

We have only done limited tests with high traffic Google Analytics accounts. We are looking for testers with websites with traffic of +1 million visits a month) in order to improve further the performance of the tool.

I’m a developer – how do I help improve the script?

Feel free to clone the git repository at and supply your patches and suggestions!

Here is a screenshots of the script running and liberating your web analytics data!


The tool is developed and maintained by Clearcode and released under GPL license. Kuddos to ClearCode for this awesome contribution!

Happy Data Liberation,

Piwik team

Maciej Zawadziński