Piwik Mobile 1.6.2 is a follow up release to the Piwik Mobile 1.6 release.  What’s changed?

  • Larger font size in statistics view
  • iOS: Fixed Settings icon was not displayed on iPhone and iPod if only one website is accessible
  • automatically append ‘index.php’ to the Piwik server url if you haven’t defined it. This fixes login issues a few users experienced.
  • Android: Fixed too much space above and below the graph on high density devices
  • Android: Fixed graph was not displayed on Motorola Milestone
  • Android: Fixed activity indicator was not displayed while trying to save an account
  • Other minor UI changes and improvements

Thomas Steur

Thomas is a Software Engineer in a prestigious Software company in Germany. He created and is now lead developer of our Piwik Mobile app, used by dozens of thousands users every week. Thomas always likes to try new ideas to make Piwik Mobile better, so if use the app comment below with any suggestions or ideas you may have!