Piwik Mobile 1.3 is now available!

We would really appreciate your rating and comments in the Android Market or Apple App Store. Thank you!

List of improvements in Piwik Mobile 1.3

Here is the list of changes and issues closed in this Piwik Mobile release 1.3

  • You can now refresh statistics
  • Statistics now have a simple paging to allow better navigation
  • Translations are now delivered within the app for faster loading times
  • Various UI improvements in “Report view” and “New/Edit account screen”
  • Increased font size in some screens
  • “About Piwik Mobile” page
  • “Give Feedback” page
  • Updated refreshed Piwik logo and colours
  • Added further languages (Icelandic, Hebrew, …)
  • Fixed: All existing accounts were deleted after updating application
  • Fixed: Auto suggestion was activated in password keyboard
  • Further minor changes and fixes

Future of Piwik Mobile

We are now working on Piwik Mobile 1.4 which we are rewriting from scratch and will bring several improvements.

We are also working on the often requested improved graphs (bar graphs, and evolution last visits graph)!

Piwik Mobile is available for free and a project made by the community. You can participate in the Piwik Mobile App or Piwik.

Please contact us! Feel free to report a suggestion or a bug in the Mobile app. We need your feedback!


Thomas Steur

Thomas is a Software Engineer in a prestigious Software company in Germany. He created and is now lead developer of our Piwik Mobile app, used by dozens of thousands users every week. Thomas always likes to try new ideas to make Piwik Mobile better, so if use the app comment below with any suggestions or ideas you may have!