We are happy to announce a new category on the Piwik website: Piwik Development.

Piwik is highly customizable thanks to the Plugins Framework and the web service API. Custom Plugins can be developed to meet your business needs, add a new feature, or modify an existing functionnality. Piwik can easily be rebranded and offered as a white label web analytics solution to your customers or community users.

We have received many requests for custom paid plugins development from community users, companies, SEO experts. The Piwik team would redirect these demands to community members that we knew were available and knowledgeable about Piwik; to simplify this process and make it easier to find the right person to help you, we have created the Piwik Consultant directory. The Piwik Consultants listed are approved Piwik developers: their previous work on Piwik has been reviewed by the Piwik team and followed our quality guidelines and coding standards.

How can I become a Piwik Consultant?
We would like to get more qualified developers listed on the page. Please see the FAQ How can I become an official Piwik Consultant? for more information about what is required to be listed on the consulting page.

We hope that the Piwik Consulting program will be useful for users seeking quality Piwik related work. Piwik does not receive any money from this program, but we do encourage that the work is made open source, so that this benefits the whole Piwik community. We already had one plugin built thanks to this program, and we hope to see many more. Good luck to our consultants!

Piwik Core Team

Piwik is liberating web analytics by offering an open platform with built-in privacy. Piwik is used on more than 1 million websites worldwide and is translated in 53 languages. The Marketplace enables the community to create innovation in the world of web analytics. Roadmap - Get involved.

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